About The Project

This project is designed to provide a forum for intelligent, creative people to share stories, essays, poems, videos, art and other media that highlights what being fat has meant for us, the limitations it's placed on us, and the ways in which people have treated us differently because of it.  This is also a place to talk about our accomplishments and showcase our work.  It is not a blog about losing weight, nor is it one that derides weight loss as pointless or weak.  It is not about changing our weight at all; rather it's about what it's like to be fat while it's happening, and about all of the things that we are beyond fat.  If you are an artist, bring your art.  If you're a poet, bring your poetry.  If you have a story to tell, or an idea that you want to share, bring it here and your voice will be heard.

To submit work, or if you have any questions about authoring or sharing work, feel free to Email me a request at Mnemoscat@gmail.com.
Twitter ID: Mnemoscat
AIM: Kissingineffigy